Why Fall in Myrtle Beach is Fun for Families


If you can get your family to Myrtle Beach for a fall getaway, you probably already know the benefits of vacationing in the off-season.

So, if you’re a home-school family or if your kids have a non-traditional school year, listen up! Because, after all, fall in Myrtle Beach is pretty spectacular.

The biggest thing that families love about visiting in the fall is the break on prices. Between fall sales and the drop in room rates that accompanies the reduction in demand come autumn, families on a budget can get a really spectacular deal on their next vacation.

And it’s not just hotels that are more affordable. You may be able to find discounts on shows and entertainment as the visitors begin to thin out as the year progresses. Keep an eye out for coupons, and don’t be afraid to call and ask about discounts. Attractions are usually happy to share tips on how to get a good deal if you just ask!

And the great thing is, the weather in the fall in Myrtle Beach is fantastic. The average high in September is 85, and in October it’s 77! The ocean is even still swimmable, though not quite as bathwater warm as it is in August. Personally, we think it feels great in the fall. But if it’s too chilly for you outside, just be sure to pick a hotel with great heated indoor water amenities! There are plenty, and they help extend the fun well into the fall and even early winter.

And of course all of your favorite Myrtle Beach attractions are still open for business in the fall. You may not be able to visit a water park but Broadway at the Beach, Wonderworks, Ripley’s Aquarium, Carolina Opry … the list of attractions that are open year-round goes on and on. We promise, you’ll never get bored!

Posted 9/9/13