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With so many great places to stay in Myrtle Beach, finding the perfect one for you family's next vacation can be a daunting task.

That's way we've simplified the search for your next Myrtle Beach resort or hotel by breaking down the many great options into catgeories that match some of the most popular searches on our site.

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Here's a look at our latest entries on Myrtle Beach accommodations, tourism news and attractions around the Grand Strand:

Hotel Deals for MyrtleBeach.com Marathon Participants

Unless you have friends or family in town, you’ll need a place to stay during marathon weekend. Lucky for you, several area hotels are offering special rates for runners. And there’s definitely one here for you, but it all depends on what you need. For example, if you need a shuttle to and ...

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Best Myrtle Beach Hotel Water Parks

Even the most dedicated beach-enthusiasts find themselves burnt out on sand and salt and sun sometimes. And because this is has always been all but inevitable, the hotel pool was invented. Pretty much every Myrtle Beach hotel and resort has some sort of off-beach water to splash around in, ...

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Lazy Rivers at Myrtle Beach Hotels

Depending on who’s in the water, sometimes they’re lazy, and other times they’re flat out crazy. That could be said about most aquatic activities on the Grand Strand, but here we’re talking about lazy rivers, those never-ending and free-flowing resort attractions. The dimensions and ...

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Myrtle Beach Hotels with the Best Kids’ Clubs

Kids can make or break your vacation. Keep them happy and reap the rewards, but fail to provide enough activity and your days of relaxation can quickly devolve into hair-pulling frustration. Of course you’d like for your little ones to be with you (most of the time) while you’re here. But ...

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Best Myrtle Beach Hotels for New Year’s Eve 2014

If your New Year’s Eve celebration is going to include alcohol, you’ll definitely want to arrange a ride for you and your party. Or better yet, ring in 2015 in style at one of these Myrtle Beach hotels, and take the elevator home at the end of the night! Many of the area’s premier hotels ...

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Best Myrtle Beach Hotels For Kids

It seems pretty safe to say that the happier the kids are, the better the vacation turns out. And it all starts with which resort you choose. What you’re looking for is a place where the little ones can have a blast without you having to stress about whether they’re safe or not. The Grand ...

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