Shopping in Myrtle Beach for South Carolina Tax Free Weekend Aug. 2-4, 2013


While it saddens us to say so, back to school shopping season is already upon us. The only upside we can really see to that is the fact that the back to school-driven tax-free weekend in South Carolina is coming right up Aug. 2 through 4, 2013.

If you’re headed to Myrtle Beach to shop for South Carolina’s tax free weekend, or if you’ll be here anyway and have room to carry some items back, it’s a great time to load up on basics!

For the last couple of years, South Carolina shoppers have saved between $2 and $3 million dollars in taxes during the tax holiday.

Here are some of the typical back-to-school items you can purchase during the tax-free weekend without paying any sales tax:

• Clothing
• Shoes
• Computers
• School supplies including pencils and notebooks
• Blankets
• Bath towels
• Shower curtains
• Aerobic clothing
• Belts
• Purses
• Dictionaries and thesauruses

Some of the more surprising items to make the tax-free list include:

• Hunting vests and ski boots, masks and suits
• In-line and ice skates
• Prom dresses
• Galoshes
• Furs
• Bobby pins
• Adult diapers
• Baby bibs
• Baby diapers
• Beach capes
• Costumes

Keep in mind that not all items will be tax-free. You will still have to pay sales tax on everything from cosmetics to eyewear to wallets, cell phones, clocks, cameras and furniture. And layaway and rental clothing also do not apply.

For a more complete listing of the types of articles that will be tax free in South Carolina Aug. 2-4, visit