Things to do in Myrtle Beach with Teens


With some notable exceptions, teenagers seem to be preternaturally predisposed to be practically impossible to please.

So what can you do with teens on a vacation to maximize fun and minimize complaints? Well, start by picking a great destination that teens love, like Myrtle Beach. Next, you’ve got to figure a way to stuff your vacation with things to do, lest dreaded boredom creeps into your vacation.

To help you plan a vacation that even picky teenagers will love, we’ve pulled together a few of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach with teens:

1. Hit the beach.
This is surely part of your vacation plan of attack. The great thing about the beach with teens is that, unlike younger kids, you’re unlikely to have to chase them down the beach—they’ll likely be as happy to relax in the sun as you are!
2. Try some lessons.
One great way to keep teens engaged is with lessons. They can be pricey, but the investment may be worth it. A few ideas: deep sea fishing, kayaking, surfing or even wind-surf lessons.
3. Win with shopping.
One thing most teenagers love is shopping. And (un?)fortunately, there are plenty of choices in Myrtle Beach, including The Market Common, Coastal Grand Mall and Barefoot Landing. Plus, helping teens come up with a plan for having spending money for the trip can also be a great learning opportunity for your teen, whether you help them out as a reward for good grades or you simply talk to them about saving some cash in the months leading up to the trip.
4. Check out the nightlife.
Many teens will want to do more than hang out at the hotel after dinner. You may want to think about checking out some age-appropriate night life. Maybe one of our local theaters has a comedic play that would be good, or one of the comedy clubs or improv troupes may have a show planned that’s appropriate for your teen. Don’t be afraid to call ahead to discuss the show content if you’re unsure about whether it’s good for the age and maturity level of your teen—you won’t be the first!
5. Adventure time.
Find some adventure! You can even head over to Broadway at the Beach, which is always a popular option for teens for the shopping, entertainment and people-watching. Plus, you can stop over at WonderWorks for some Soar + Explore fun with a 50-foot-tall zipline and a 40-foot-tall ropes course.
6. Break out the putters.
Another teen-pleasing family activity is mini golf, of which there are many, many choices in Myrtle Beach. If you’re on a budget, consider going to play miniature golf earlier in the day, as prices go up in the evenings.

We want your teen-pleasing tips! What are the things to do in Myrtle Beach with teens that keeps the complaints to a minimum? Share your favorites in the Myrtle Beach travel forum.

Posted 5/25/13