Top 5 Items You Wish You Packed for Myrtle Beach


We've thought of everything, and we packed it all.

Date night clothes.
Extra golf spikes.
The kid’s ear medicine.
Cellphone charger.

Oh, no. The cellphone charger.

It's inevitable. Even the most organized among us forget to pack something for vacation in Myrtle Beach. While yes, anything truly essential (like that charger) can be purchased here, we'd just as well like to get started on the fun rather than gathering supplies. Here are our Top 5 Don't Leave Home Without 'Em items.

1) Extra bathing suit. You might wear the same one all the time at home, but when it's soaking wet from your morning ocean dip and you want to hit the hotel pool after lunch, you will really wish you had packed a spare. Do yourself a favor and double up.

2) Comfortable shoes. The stores have been scoured for the perfect pair of vacation sandals, but once you found them they chewed up your feet something fierce and you never want to see them again. Count on the fact that you'll be doing some strolling — either along the shore or at Broadway on the Beach (HYPERLINK: // — and doing that without wincing will be worth your while.

3) A light sweater or jacket. “In Myrtle Beach??” you cry. “In summertime??” Yes, that's right. Down here we do love our air conditioning, and sometimes the move from hot sun to the cool shade of a store or restaurant can be a bit jarring. Having something to throw over your shoulders proves invaluable.

4) Hats and hair ties. For those visiting from drier climes, the humidity might come as a bit of a surprise, and your hair may stage a revolt (or spring into effortless curls). Rather than fight it with a blow dryer and product, embrace the change — you’re on vacation! — but if it’s driving you bonkers, put it up.

5) Aloe. Meticulously selected and liberally applied sunblock is our M.O., but there’s invariably one little spot we miss — and it gets torched. Save yourself a trip to the store and pack some aloe vera gel. Throw it in your room’s fridge and double down on cooling relief… aaaaahhhh.

What about you? What are some items you find essential to your Myrtle Beach getaway? Let us know here.

(posted 5/12/14)