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Get Myrtle Beach Reviews, Advice and Travel Tips on our Travel Forum

April 1, 2013 1:59 pm

We like to share tips and advice about fun things to do in Myrtle Beach here on, but we know you also want advice from your fellow travelers. Word of mouth recommendations are the most trusted way to figure out what to do, where to stay and where to eat when you’re traveling. That’s why we’ve created a travel forum where you can talk directly to one another for your Myrtle Beach reviews, travel tips and recommendations.

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Things to Do in Myrtle Beach When it’s Raining

March 26, 2013 1:18 pm

Sometimes it rains, even in Myrtle Beach. It can be disappointing, but you can save the day by having a few ideas for fun things do to on a rainy day tucked up your sleeve. To make your decision easier (just in case), we’ve rounded up four ideas for rainy day fun.

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Myrtle Beach Restaurant Ideas: Banditos on the Boardwalk

March 20, 2013 3:50 pm

Next time you visit Myrtle Beach, why not give Banditos Restaurant and Cantina a try? A relative newcomer to the Myrtle Beach dining scene, Banditos has been dressing up Mexican favorites to impress visitors and locals alike since August 2012, and it has exciting changes in store for the coming summer season.

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Seven Steps to an Awesome Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach

March 15, 2013 12:59 am

A magical Myrtle Beach Memorial Day weekend does not just happen, it takes planning. Not a ton of planning, mind you—this is Myrtle Beach, after all, one of the best vacation destinations around. But when we’re talking family vacations, awesomeness can be cultivated, and it only takes a few short steps.

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