Myrtle Beach Hotels With Childcare Nearby

Myrtle Beach Hotels With Childcare Nearby


When looking for hotels with childcare in Myrtle Beach, you’ll find several solutions to consider that’ll help your vacation or work trip go more smoothly. While most resorts do not offer on-site daycare centers, you aren’t completely out of luck. Whether you’re in town for business or you’ve found things to do in Myrtle Beach for adults on vacation and you want to slip away for a while, you have options.

Kids’ Clubs at Myrtle Beach Hotels

Several kid-friendly hotels in Myrtle Beach offer programs for children right on-site, keeping little ones occupied for short stints. Many of these activities are held daily in the summertime so parents can enjoy nice bits of me-time during their stay. While most older children are welcome to attend a Myrtle Beach hotel’s kids’ club without parental supervision, the policies vary from resort to resort; even if you need to help supervise, you’ll get to sit back and relax and let someone else do most of the entertaining. It’s also fun to watch little ones socializing with new friends, playing sports, and learning about Myrtle Beach seashells or other topics.

Bring Childcare to Your Myrtle Beach Hotel

Whether it’s a member of your extended family, a sitter you know well, or your regular nanny, bringing your own childcare provider on vacation may be an affordable, convenient option. A relative or grandparent may be perfectly happy to join you on vacation to sit with their toes in the hotel’s kiddie pool supervising while you enjoy some time away. Booking adjoining hotel rooms in Myrtle Beach can be an ideal solution for this situation, giving your childcare provider a place all their own that’s nearby if they’re needed.

If you’re worried about how much a hotel room at a Myrtle Beach resort will cost for a caregiver, sometimes adding an additional bedroom to your condo doesn’t add as much to the final bill as you might think—especially if you’re able to find a hotel deal. A 3-bedroom condo in Myrtle Beach with the right layout can give the kids a bedroom, your sitter their own space, plus offer a private room for the adults.

Myrtle Beach Hotels With Childcare Nearby

If you’re coming here for business and hoping the trip can double as a family vacation, finding childcare for meeting times and presentations is a must. Myrtle Beach hotels with conference rooms are near childcare centers, summer camps, and the local library so you can drop the kids off before work events with ease.

While the option you choose depends on each child’s age and your specific situation, we’ve made this handy list of hotels in Myrtle Beach with childcare options nearby to help you start your search:

Ocean Reef Resort

7100 N. Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach SC 29572
154 review(s)

Ocean Reef Resort on the oceanfront is located just two miles from the local YMCA, which offers a summer day camp and childcare while you exercise. While membership may be required to avoid non-member fees, the joy of getting in a good run or lifting session without the kids tagging along may be worth it. Ocean Reef also affords easy access to a couple of local drop-in childcare centers off Highway 17.

Sand Dunes Resort & Spa

201 74th Ave N, Myrtle Beach SC 29572
56 review(s)

When you’re in town during the summer, look into the day camps offered at the local YMCA near Sand Dunes Resort. This facility also hosts family activities to give parents a break from planning things to do so they can join in the fun. For adults who want to enjoy a quick workout without the kids, the Y also offers drop-in childcare for adults while they use the exercise equipment.

The Breakers Resort

2104 N. Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach SC 29577
346 review(s)

Breakers Resort in Myrtle Beach is near some great summer camp childcare programs. The Pepper Geddings Rec Center and Mary C. Canty Rec Center in Myrtle Beach offer a variety of camps for kids of all ages. These programs are run through the city of Myrtle Beach; discounts are offered for residents, but non-residents are also welcome to attend.

Bay View Resort


Only a mile from Bay View Resort is the Chapin Memorial Library, which offers a variety of childcare programs and activities—many with drop-off options. Whether you want to attend a children’s story time and relax in the back for a while or drop off your teen to learn a new skill, the library’s calendar has all kinds of entertainment on deck. Bay View is also only a couple of miles from Myrtle Beach rec centers that offer summertime camps for kids as well.

Landmark Resort

1501 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach SC 29577
215 review(s)

A drop-in childcare learning center is located within two blocks of Landmark Resort, offering parents a chance to explore Myrtle Beach without a stroller or attend a business meeting without committing to full-time care. The Landmark is also near the public library, which has excellent drop-off programs for children in grades 6 to 12; pre-registration is required and admission fees apply.

Palace Resort

1605 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach SC 29577
73 review(s)

Like many of the south Myrtle Beach hotels, Palace Resort is near several childcare options. One drop-in learning center is a quick three-minute walk away, and another is a 20-minute drive inland, but both are convenient for adults-only afternoons or attending a business event. The city’s recreation centers aren’t far for enrolling kids in day camps, making pick-up and drop-off easy, and the library only seven minutes away offers programs for older kids that let them socialize with other children and try new activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is childcare offered at Myrtle Beach hotels?

Kids’ club childcare hours vary based on each hotel, and the daily schedule may change by the activity or the weather. Inquire with the Myrtle Beach hotel you’ve booked prior to your arrival or speak to the front desk during check-in to receive a schedule for its childcare program if one is offered.

What are the childcare age limits at Myrtle Beach hotels?

The age limits for childcare programs offered by Myrtle Beach hotels can vary by property, but parents should plan to accompany any child under the age of 13 unless the resort stipulates otherwise. Adults should gauge each child’s maturity level and interest in programming to determine whether the activity or entertainment option is a good fit.

Do I have to reserve childcare at Myrtle Beach hotels?

Inquire about pre-registration and payment requirements at the front desk in your Myrtle Beach hotel upon arrival, as the childcare programs are independently run. Most resorts appreciate advance notice, especially when specific supplies are required for each attendee or when you’ll be bringing several children to the activity.

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