Myrtle Beach Hotels with the Best Kids’ Clubs

Myrtle Beach Hotels with the Best Kids’ Clubs


Kids can make or break your vacation. Keep them happy and reap the rewards, but fail to provide enough activity and your days of relaxation can quickly devolve into hair-pulling frustration.

Of course you’d like for your little ones to be with you (most of the time) while you’re here. But you need a safe place to send them during those moments when all you want is to relax and tone down the energy level.

Luckily, lots of Myrtle Beach hotels offer activities for the younger crowds, providing them with exciting and constructive entertainment, while giving a breather to parents in need. It’s just one more way that the area’s hospitality industry goes the extra mile to make your Myrtle Beach vacation as good as possible.

Captain’s Quarters is one such family-oriented resort that offers a Seasonal Kids Activities Program for ages 5 – 12 in June, July, and August with limited schedules in April, May, September, and October. 

Daryl Connor Jr., Captain’s Quarters Director of Recreation & Development Training, says their program has been a big hit among guests, both young and old.

As for who enjoys it more, it seems like it’s hard to say.

“I think the kids are appreciative of our efforts, but the parents really enjoy seeing their children have fun!” said Connor Jr., whose program includes games, scavenger hunts, beach walks, arts and crafts, dance parties, water games, story time, mascot visits, magic shows, face painting, balloon art, and more. “Parents love the extra attention we give their children! In previous seasons, they’ve complimented our activities staff and even wanted to participate in a few of the activities themselves,” he said.

Additions to the 2015 activities at Captain’s Quarters will include theater improvisation workshops and supervised teen parties in their entertainment center on the sixth floor of the resort. 

And this children’s program isn’t the only one in town. Check out this list of resorts for more options, and pick the one that’s right for your family – because everyone deserves to get the most out of their Myrtle Beach vacation.

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