Check in like a boss: 7 foolproof ways to avoid a long wait

Check in like a boss: 7 foolproof ways to avoid a long wait

Travelling can be stressful, especially with a car full of people who are eager to get the beach. But once you reach Myrtle Beach city limits, the tension should evaporate.

Checking in to your resort is sometimes a little bit more difficult than it needs to be, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

We reached out to some of the best hotel managers to get some tips on how to make the process as headache-free and quick as possible – because this is your vacation, not a take-all-day-at-the-front-desk-cation.

Avoid Checking In at Check-In Time

This may seem like the wrong thing to do, but if you play your cards right you can avoid a crowded or even over-flowing lobby. “The exact check-in time is often the busiest time of the day at the front desk,” said Julia Woehrer of Vacation Myrtle Beach. To beat the crowds, Woehrer suggests heading out to dinner, which helps avoid long waits at the restaurant and hotel. Or, if the resort offers pre-registration, get there a little early and relax in the pool or take advantage of other amenities and check in later in the day. 

Have Your License Plate Number Ready

For parking purposes, most resorts need to know the numbers and digits on your plate so that they don’t accidentally tow or ticket your car. And if you don’t have it memorized, you’ll have to run out to your vehicle to get the info, which holds up the line and makes checking in a little bit more of a hassle for you and everyone else.

Bring Photo ID, Credit Card Used to Book the Room

If these weren’t required, anyone could just stroll into the resort and check in to the room you reserved for your vacation. It may only take fifteen or twenty seconds to dig through your purse or wallet to produce these, but if the five or ten people ahead of you in line have to do that, you’re looking at an extra two to three minutes of standing in the lobby staring at the ground. Be prepared, is all we’re saying.

Be Familiar With Hotel Policies

Most people read about rules and regulations at resorts during the booking process, but one local hotel employee recommends doing that again before you get here. “I would suggest that all guests refresh their memories by going online and reading the policies again,” said Amanda Srivastava, the Tour Manager at Vacation Myrtle Beach. “That way the guest will be prepared which makes for the smoothest check-in process ever.” 

Save that Confirmation Letter

And bring it to the check-in counter. This speeds things up  and proves that you’re the rightful renter of the room. Every booking site will either direct you to a confirmation page or email it to you. So just print it out or have it ready on your mobile device when the time comes. “This is especially useful when the guest has booked through a third party and has questions about fees charged,” said Heather Lee, general manager at Sea Watch Resort.  

Make Sure You’re At The Right Hotel

Okay, maybe this one is pretty obvious, but in the days of GPS systems and faulty Google directions, it can be easy to make a wrong turn and wind up in the wrong place. Before you park the car and take the luggage out, be certain that you’re at the right property. It sounds funny, but people do it all the time.

Be Courteous

You’re finally on vacation in Myrtle Beach and there’s a glitch at the reception desk. Whatever the problem is, it’s almost certainly not the fault of the front desk agent – so don’t take it out on them. Not only does making a big deal about it slow things down, it’s also unnecessary. You’re here to have fun and relax, so don’t sweat the small stuff.