Do and Don’t List: Destination Family Reunion Planning


When it’s time for family reunion planning, there’s plenty to consider, especially when you’re planning one that will take place in a special destination like Myrtle Beach.

Whether you’re talking about an intimate family gathering or a large group of family members descending on vacation together, we hope this do and don’t list will help you plan the best family reunion ever:

Do: Put together a key team of planners 18 months to a year before your trip. You don’t want many more than six people on this core team. Keeping the core planning team small will help you be decisive, though a survey of additional family members will also help the larger group accept the plans.

Do: Put someone organized in charge of collecting names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all invitees early on in the process. This can be more difficult than it sounds.

Do: Delegate responsibilities to members of the planning committee or host family and clearly communicate who’s responsible for what. Everyone should know who to get in contact with if they have questions about the resort the family reunion will be held at, where meals will be, what activities are planned for kids and for adults and who’s going to be sharing any heritage information at the events.

Don’t: Book travel for other family members. It’s better to tell people where the event will be held and have them book it themselves.

Do: Incorporate your family heritage into your family reunion. Is your family Italian? Myrtle Beach has plenty of great Italian restaurants where your family can gather in the evenings. You can also make T-shirts in a color that represents your family history, or even incorporate images of your family’s heritage into the reunion invitations.

Do: Plan events that are appropriate for people of all ages. Consider whether family members have special needs, such as seniors who may need activities with handicapped access. There are plenty of attractions in Myrtle Beach that will be fun for kids, seniors, teens and adults, so choose a variety of activities.

Do you have tips for destination family reunion planning? Share your ideas in the Myrtle Beach travel forum!

Posted 4/5/13