Fun and finds await visitors on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Fun and finds await visitors on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Since its debut in May 2010, the 1.2 mile-long boardwalk and promenade have been the toast of this seaside city, which is visited by more than 14 million tourists annually.

The scenic walkway extends from 2nd Ave. Pier to 14th Ave. Pier and features three different sections. Without a doubt, the boardwalk and promenade have become the focal point for folks to experience the essence of Myrtle Beach’s electric personality.

The first section, dubbed the North Walkway, stretches from 14th Ave. N. Pier to Plyler Park, which is at the end of Mr. Joe White Avenue. It is 8 feet wide, with connecting passageways to beach access locations. The second section,  goes from Plyler Park to the former Pavilion Amusement Park site at 8th Ave. N.  This area has an escalated festive atmosphere mirroring the soul, sights and sounds of its sidewalk cafes, restaurants, amusements, arcades and other attractions. This section ranges from 26 to 50 feet in width. The South Promenade, the final section, is from 8th Ave. N. to 1st Ave. N., south of 2nd Ave. Pier. Here, on primary walkways that are 12 feet wide and secondary walkways that are 8 feet wide, one can enjoy serene oceanic views.

It is quite common for people to gather in spaces and places near SkyWheel Myrtle Beach while enjoying the boardwalk and promenade.  Located at 1110 N. Ocean Blvd., SkyWheel, which debuted May 19, 2011, boasts 1 million LED lights. It towers 200 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and allows its riders to see up to 40 miles down the coast, up to the lovely town of Southport, N.C., on a cloudless day. It is the largest wheel of any kind east of the Mississippi River, the first observation wheel of its kind in the nation and the second of its kind in North America. Folks love riding SkyWheel because each enjoys spectacular, unobstructed views of the city from on high. Each ride, which lasts 10 to 12 minutes, is experienced in one of 42 Swiss-manufactured gondolas.

In addition to the unique attraction of SkyWheel, the boardwalk and promenade is also home to restaurants.

Hotels are featured prominently along the 1.2-mile length of walkway, too. Bay View on The Boardwalk, 504 N. Ocean Blvd., is a luxurious oceanfront hotel , and it is centrally located on the Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade.

The resort’s on-site amenities, including Starbucks and spas, is just what weary travelers need after exploring the vast possibilities awaiting them on the boardwalk and promenade.

In the summer, the Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade is home to festivals and a variety of other events including live concerts, a kids’ carnival and fireworks displays.

And all you have to do to be a part of the excitement is to simply take a walk along the length of ocean made for strolling.